Pride over Berlin 2020
Pride over Berlin 2020
Don't hide your pride! That's the motto of Berlin Pride 2020. We're taking this literally.
Berlin Pride 2018 - my body - my identity - my life
Berlin Pride 2018 - my body - my identity - my life
The best impressions from the Berlin Pride 2018

We clarify!

We take an open position for the rights of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, trans* and inter* people within and outside the Axel Springer Group. We help.
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We'll stand in.

We stand for an open, liberal and lively corporate culture and actively promote it.
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We connect.

We connect with lgbtq groups and colleagues inside and outside Axel Springer.
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Don't hide your pride! - our actions for more visibility 2020

Socia Media Campaign

With our change of name to Axel Springer queerseite_, our LGBTQ Group is an official brand of Axel Springer SE.
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Pride over Berlin

As the visibility of queer topics suffers due to the COVID 19 crisis, we take the motto "Don't hide your pride" 2020 literally and bring up the pride colours all over Berlin.
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Axel Springer queerseite_ Video 2020

With the participation in the digital Berlin CSD 2020 we present our LGBTQ colleagues* from various companies of Axel Springer SE.
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