the network for LGBT+ employees & allies at Axel Springer

Love & Diversity know no bounds! Since December 2014, the queer:seite! network has been the focal point for LGBT+ overall and individual interests for all employees of Axel Springer.

We are colorful.

The LGBT+ network of Axel Springer SE is as diverse as the companies involved. Whether publishers, commerce, classifieds, IT and central cepartments, in all work openly queer employees.

We stand for equal opportunities.

We stand for an open, liberal and liveful corporate culture. That’s why queer:seite! is part and driver of the equal opportunities initiatve of Axel Springer.

We love diversity.

We stand for a personal, content-related and comprehensive exchange and the further development of our LGBT+ employees in the Axel Springer SE.

We are committed.

queer:seite! participates in various events in Germany and Europe and takes an open position for the rights of LGBT+ people.

We help people to network.

We provide a strong network for support, building contacts and career development opportunities in and between companies.

We want to inspire.

We want to demonstrate the international diversity and plurality of Axel Springer SE and inspire queer professionals for a professional career in our companies.

queer:seite coordinators

Our network grows constantly.Our coordinators take on organizational and representative tasks for queer:seite!:

Laura Hettling, Foto by Dominik Tryba
Laura Hettling

Werkstudentin Employer Branding & Entry Programs

Dirk Walsh, Foto by Dominik Tryba
Dirk Walsh

Creative Director

Tobias Weymans, Foto by Dominik Tryba
Tobias Weymans

Senior Consultant Leadership & Executive Development

Tim Uppendahl, Foto by Dominik Tryba
Tim Uppendahl

Project Coordinator Leadership & Executive Development

Tim Mehlis, Foto by Dominik Tryba
Tim Mehlis

Junior Manager Product Development
Premium Apps

Steffen Smidt, Foto by Dominik Tryba
Steffen Smidt

Systemmanagement AS Ideas Engineering

Philipp Kaste, Foto by Dominik Tryba
Philipp Kaste

Program Manager Tortuga SPRING

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Unser Familiennetzwerk

The Axel Springer SE family is just as big and colorful as our network queer:seite!. These brands support our LGBT+ network:

BILD am Sonntag
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Axel Springer People & Culture
PACE Events

Other brands of Axel Springer SE, which our members represent:

AutoBild Logo
Computerbild Logo
Sport Bild Logo